8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool 4.6.0 Update Shared By AZEEM ASGHAR

8 Ball 4.6.0 Official Version

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Challenge your friends

Friends are easy to play: Sign in with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you will be able to challenge your game directly. Challenge friends and show their skills at any time, anywhere.

8 Ball Pool Pass Max Rank and Prize – Free Rewards

Season 1

Each pool pass season will bring you new and special rewards that you can only receive during that season. The 8 ball pool gives us the most iconic feature of the game which is the pool pass or I can say 8 ball pool royal pass. Get a pool pass to unlock instant rewards and open victory boxes at half or half time. Collect pool points to win free prizes and seasonal exclusions. Win matches and complete daily missions to win maximum pool points. Get a pool pass to earn fast victory boxes and unlock many unique rewards!

Free Pool Pass

The 8 ball pool free passes will be given to all players for free but prizes in the free passes are also limited. In the free pass, players can earn up to 2500 coins, Golden Shot, Golden Spin and Pool Fan Q. As you accumulate the required pool points for each rank, you can collect the prizes displayed on Free (represented in blue). All you need to do is win the game to rank!

Premium Pool Pass

The 8 Ball Pool Premium Pass must be purchased with a small amount of $ 1 (for each season). If you acquire a premium pool pass, you will be able to collect prizes from the premium lane, indicated in Gold.
You can get a premium pool pass at any time during the season, and immediately collect prizes from all ranks already received, as well as those you will receive while the season is active.




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